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Mission Resolve and Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI) are working together again with the goal of OVI removing over 1 million pounds (500 tons) of plastic ghostnets and other plastic pollution from our ocean. OVI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1979 with the goals of preservation of the maritime arts and sciences, the ocean environment and island cultures. Mission Resolve and OVI share similar interests in utilizing maritime expertise to help restore our ocean environment which needs immediate help.

Mission Resolve seeks to provide Ocean Voyages Institute with the 210' offshore supply vessel, the RESOLVE PIONEER and her expert crew dispatched from Dutch Harbor to assist OVI and their team in an efficient and large scale consumer plastic and ghostnet removal from within the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, frequently called "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch". With funding OVI and Mission Resolve seek to remove over 200,000 pounds (100 tons) of plastic pollution during upcoming early summer 2024. To date OVI has recovered 800,000 pounds (400 tons) of plastic proliferating in our ocean environment. OVI's proven track record of restoring the ocean environment combined with Mission Resolve's great maritime expertise will be a successful combination.

Help us help our ocean and marine wildlife by donating to support this cause. Your support can directly and positively impact the health of our ocean. Donate now to support this urgent work. With more funding we can continue doing additional expeditions providing larger scale ocean restoration.

The Horror of Ghost Nets

Ghost Nets are kill estimated 650,000 marine animals every year. Wise turtles, ancient whales, playful dolphins, cuddly sharks and all kinds of fish. They also possess coral reefs, smothering them to death.
Eventually they fray into microplastics (tiny bits), at which point they are much more challenging to clean up. Microplastics get consumed by ocean life and it's estimated that the average person consumes 1 credit card worth of toxic microplastic every week.